GOT7’s Jr. Displays His Handsome Charms for InStyle Magazine

GOT7′s Jr. recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with InStyle magazine. Rather than his usual cute idol image, the budding actor shows off different charms in this pictorial.

In the released images we can see the singer wearing a patterned shirt and gazing into the camera in a relaxed and low-key manner. The other photo shows off a similar yet more intense vibe with his vibrant red clothing. Apparently, unreleased photos of the star feature his fatal charisma as well. The GOT7 member received plenty of compliments as he was reportedly a natural when it came to posing during the photo shoot.

GOT7 Jr2

When asked about his recent drama role, the star reveals, “When I first auditioned for ‘My Love Eun Dong,’ the director gave me harsh criticsm. Thus, I prepared for the next audition which turned out to be the group script reading session. I was surprised so I acted hurriedly and got into a lot of trouble. [Because of all this] I prepared with everything I had for the first filming.”His efforts were definitely noticed as the actor received compliments for his acting in the drama.

Since GOT7 is currently promoting their latest album and title track “Just Right,” the singer comments, “This time our concept is being young, handsome boys. I think we can naturally pull off this concept with our current age. I want to become the kind of idol that can adapt to any concept.”

More of the singer’s photo shoot and interview can be seen in the August issue of InStyle magazine.

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