Actress Shin Ae Is Pregnant With Second Child

Actress and model Shin Ae is reportedly pregnant with her second child!

Although Shin Ae has been out of the spotlight for several years, she is well known as a member of one of the original couples on the virtual reality show “We Got Married” back in 2008. Her virtual husband on the show was Clazziquai‘s Alex, and the two were very popular with viewers because of their adorable chemistry and Alex’s romantic gestures. In addition to her time on the show, she appeared in several dramas and films, most recently the drama “Empress Chun Chu” in 2009.

Shin Ae has been focusing on her family since she got married in 2009, and she had her first daughter in 2012. She is currently fifth months along in her pregnancy with her second child, and so it’s expected that she’ll be giving birth towards the end of this year.

It’s reported that she is currently considering making a return to the entertainment world after the birth of her second child.

Congratulations, Shin Ae and family!

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