Girls’ Generation Sunny Despairs When She Doesn’t Know Answer to R-Rated Question

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny was disappointed when she gets an R-rated question wrong, especially when bandmate Taeyeon has no trouble answering the question.

In the July 28 broadcast of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the members reveal their individual channels, which contain their individuality and personal tastes.

In the same episode, the staff ask the girls an R-rated question, and Sunny welcomes the question confidently. They ask, “Girls are weak for the mood. What are men weak for?”

sunny 2

Sunny, despite her confidence earlier on, doesn’t know the answer to the question. She guesses “Smell” and she is disappointed when it’s the wrong answer. Taeyeon, however, answers correctly, “Nude.”

Sunny expresses her despair, saying, “It’s an R-rated question and I lost. I can’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, “Channel Girls’ Generation” is a reality program featuring the members of Girls’ Generation. The girls produce their own content with topics that they have always wanted to deal with.

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