Pediatric Psychiatrist Says Song Minguk Has Motherly Rather Than Brotherly Love for Manse

On July 22, pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Son Seok Han left a message on the official “Superman Returns” message board after watching the recent July 19 episode of the show, notably the part where Minguk cleans up for Manse.

Dr. Son Seok Han says, “After [Song Il Gook] asks Minguk to help Manse with cleaning up, Minguk admirably complies. Minguk cleans up Manse’s plate and napkin, and even helps take off Manse’s bib. Manse must have been really happy, basking in the glory of being the youngest of the three.”

The doctor goes on with a brief analysis of Minguk’s behavior, and says, “Minguk doesn’t stop [at taking off Manse’s bib] and goes on to carefully clean it. At that point, rather than brotherly love, he is closer to a sort of motherly love.”

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