A Pink Wins 1st Trophy for “Remember” on This Week’s “Show Champion”

Girl group A Pink takes their first win on a music show with title track “Remember” off of their new album “Pink Memory” on this week’s “Show Champion.”

While the actual “Show Champion” broadcast this week was cancelled and no performances aired, the program still awarded a winner and gave A Pink the chance to give a short acceptance speech (below). The groups that made it into the show’s top 10 this week were Girls’ Generation, AOA, Girl’s Day, INFINITE, SISTAR, MAMAMOO, BEAST, BIGBANG, and Hyukoh, in descending order.

In the video, A Pink took the time to express their gratitude for their first win. “We sincerely thank all of the many people who have listened to and loved ‘Remember’ to allow it get number one,” member Bomi shared.

Congratulations A Pink!