VIXX’s Ravi and Hongbin Take You Through Their Workout on “VIXX IMPOSSIBLE”

Ever wish VIXX could be your personal trainers, even for a day? Well this might be the closest thing!

On the second episode of “VIXX Impossible,” which aired on July 29, VIXX members Ravi and Hongbin walk you through their summer body workouts.

They start their session with a plank, which Ravi says is their warm-up workout. “I heard that Beyonce does [the plank] for five minutes. It’s really hard. And international champions do it for five hours…” Ravi insists to a doubtful Hongbin.

The next exercise is the pull-up, which they perform with dumbbells wrapped around their waist.

They also take you through squats, some Pilates exercises, and more. Check out the full workout session below.

Meanwhile, the other members of VIXX are slated to share their workouts as well in the upcoming episode of “VIXX Impossible,” so stay tuned!