GFRIEND Shares Thoughts and Stories About Their Powerful Choreography

Rookie girl group GFRIEND spoke about their intense and powerful choreography, which is rare to see in girl groups with such innocent concepts.

In particular, they spoke about two dance points in their new song “Me Gustas Tu,” the vaulting and the arm windmill.

When asked, “Don’t you want gentle choreography like other girl groups?” they confessed that there were members who really did not want to do the vault choreography. Umji revealed that she felt like crying when there was a change in the formation and she became the vaulting horse that Yerin leaps over.

However, she also revealed that she was overcome by the thought that ‘We should do something new,’ and practiced hard regardless.

The members said about their powerful choreography, “When you look at pictures from ‘Glass Bead,’ the pictures and gifs don’t look pretty at all, and there are ones where you can’t even see our faces. We have a lot of terrible photos. So we were of course worried. Since the one who is the vaulting horse and the one leaping over it, and the one that goes under are all girls, so we wondered if it would be okay.”

However, they revealed that they spent an extremely long time practicing before they went on stage. Yerin would sometimes not make it over the person, fall, and even get hurt. Yerin revealed her mindset by saying, “I was so scared at first, but trust and practice were the only way to go.”

They also mentioned the parts where they swing their arms in sync like windmills. They shared that they thought it was a joke at first: “At first, the choreographer said in a joking tone, ‘Spin your arms like windmills.’ We laughed a lot and said, ‘That’s pretty good,’ and it actually became our choreography.”

Of course, the busy choreography means that one mistake could cause a big accident. To overcome that, the girls prepared hard for a long time. They said, “Now, we feel insecure if the choreography isn’t powerful. Even in the girly moves, we put a lot of strength in them.”

They also reassured their fans by saying, “There are fans who are afraid that we’ll have accidents [on stage], but I hope they don’t worry about that. We have a scary number of hours of practice and we’ll be careful not to crash into each other, so don’t worry.”

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