Son Ho Joon Explains His Easygoing Personality and Desire for His Own Family Soon

Actor Son Ho Joon talked about his love for his family, and at the same time, hinted that he wanted his own family soon.

The actor, who is now a well sought-after commodity in the variety world, has the descriptors “pushover” and “nice guy” follow him everywhere he goes. His easygoing personality is a breath of fresh air in such a competitive and cutthroat environment. About this, he said with a laugh, “For me, losing is just easier. By nature, I’m not the type to fight or compete for something. People around me say that I’m too considerate to the point of illness, but I couldn’t change my personality. They say it’s important to cut people off in variety, but even if I think of something to say, I think, ‘The person who’s the boss here should do this,” and I back off. Then it’s a ruckus with people saying I don’t talk enough. I do get some harsh words said to me but I think it’s important to do things in my own style. But acting is of course something I won’t give up for someone. Although my goal is to percolate through with everyone, not to push someone down.”

Another thing that Son Ho Joon won’t give up are his personal relationships. He visits his busy friends’ parents in their stead, and to always help out his friends is a philosophy that he wants to keep forever. He also has a particular love for his family.

Choosing his father as his role model instead of popular actors or stars, he says, “The first thing my father did after he retired from his job as a soldier was to get a Korean, Japanese, and Western cooking certificate. Being so immature, I asked him, ‘Are you planning on opening a restaurant? Why are you learning to cook?’ And he said, ‘Your mom cooked for you your whole life, and now I want to be the one to cook.’ As a man, I want to be like him. Before being a good actor, I think being a good man is more important. To my future wife and children, I’d like to be a good husband and father like my own father is.”

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