Shinji’s Representatives Clarify About the Singer’s Health and Collapse

Shinji, who collapsed yesterday from a high fever, is currently resting at a hospital.

On July 29, Shinji’s representatives said to DongA, “It is true that Shinji has been hospitalized. Her fever has now gone down and she is currently resting.”

They then clarified, “It was not a relapse of pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney as a result of bacterial infection) that she suffered previously. This was not due to any specific condition, but her body was overworked due to her solo album preparations as well as her vocalist work. She will take care of her body as much as she can at the hospital, then she will be discharged at the doctors’ recommendations.”

One media outlet reported that an associate said, “Shinji has recently had a lot of stress due to her solo activities. Her schedules will most likely be canceled.”

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