Band Hyukoh Visits Tablo’s New Label HIGHGRND

Indie darlings Hyukoh, who have been ruling the music charts recently, have stopped by their new label HIGHGRND for a meeting with label founder Tablo of Epik High.

On July 29, the official Instagram for HIGHGRND uploaded a photo of Hyukoh’s leader Oh Hyuk and drummer Lee In Woo looking comfortable in the label’s office.

A representative of the band says, “Although it’s not often, Hyukoh sometimes reports in at the office. Yesterday, they met with Tablo and talked about this and that. It wasn’t a concrete discussion about plans for an album, it was just a casual meeting.”

Hyukoh have become hugely popular in Korea after they began appearing on “Infinity Challenge” as one of the musicians teaming up with the show’s members for their annual music festival.

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