Hyukoh Frontman Responds to Beach Fossils’ Tweet Regarding Plagiarism Controversy

Frontman of Hyukoh Oh Hyuk has responded sternly to another accusation of plagiarism.

New speculations are being raised concerning Hyukoh’s song “Panda Bear,” which some say has been plagiarized from the song “Golden Age” by American indie rock band Beach Fossils.

On July 30, Beach Fossils took to their official Twitter and addressed the speculations in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Imitation+flattery=Sketchy! Golden Age + solo smells of Viceroy. Thanks Korean fans 4 heads up,” the band wrote, tagging Hyukoh and Canadian musician Mac Demarco in the tweet.

Basically, the Beach Fossils were saying that “Panda Bear” seems to be a mix of their song “Golden Age” and Mac Demarco’s “Ode to Viceroy.”

In another post that has also been deleted, Beach Fossils writes, “I’m not taking this seriously at all & nobody else should give a sh*t either. It’s just funny! Peace & Love.” attempting to put an end to the controversy.

In response, Hyukoh’s leader Oh Hyuk posted a screen capture of Beach Fossil’s tweet to his Instagram and refuted all claims of plagiarism.

“I have a conscience and pride in my music. I have not once ever written a song with bad intentions. Being a musician for the rest of my life is my dream, and if I thought that I would be recognized for copying other songs I never would have started writing music in the first place. I have not plagiarized,” Oh Hyuk writes.

What do you think about this exchange between the Beach Fossils and Hyukoh?

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