Updated with Teasers! SG Wannabe Reported to Make Long-Awaited Comeback After 4 Years

Update August 6, 2015:

Lee Suk Hoon’s teaser image is revealed as well as the official comeback date for the group. SG Wannabe will be releasing their new album on August 19. After wrapping up promotions, the groups plans to hold concerts in October.

Lee Suk Hoon

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Update July 31, 2015:

SG Wannabe’s comeback is confirmed with a video teaser released today! In the teaser you hear SG Wannabe’s previous hits play on mp3 players popular in the heyday of the group’s popularity.

Original post:

An exclusive report by Ilgan Sports has revealed that SG Wannabe has finally been confirmed to return to the music scene after more than four years.

SG Wannabe, a vocal group comprised of members Kim Jin Ho, Kim Yong Joon, and Lee Suk Hoon, have been on hiatus since releasing part two of their seventh full-length album in March of 2011.

According to this report, a music industry insider is said to have shared, “SG Wannabe will be joining hands with composer Jo Young Soo to release a new mini album. As it is their first comeback in a long time, they are working very hard.” It is said that the new song is a medium tempo track that is reminiscent of SG Wannabe’s glory days.

The source further explained, “Jo Young Soo has put in a lot of effort to prepare a song that surpasses ‘Timeless’ and ‘My Person.’ A song that all the members are satisfied with has come out. It is very likely that this will be the legendary return of SG Wannabe, through which they will show an upgraded image.”

Even after confirming that they would be reuniting as a group and deciding on CJ E&M as their management agency, the members are reported to have had trouble choosing a producer, but eventually decided on Jo Young Soo, with whom the group has a special bond.

Meanwhile, the new mini album is expected to be released around the middle of August.

Are you looking forward to this possible long-awaited comeback?

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