Stills of Eugene From First Drama After Childbirth Revealed

On July 31, the first stills of Eugene on the set of KBS’s new weekend drama “Please, Mom” were revealed. This drama is the actress’ first comeback project after giving birth to her first child in April earlier this year.

The released photos come from two separate scenes and portray the actress in different ways. In one set of photos, she looks like a strong career woman. As for the other photos, she gives off a classy and modern aura with her sunglasses and luxury car.

Eugene 3

While her character, Jin Ae, is a successful employee at her company, she fails to receive the same kind of treatment at home. In particular, she is on bad terms with her mother who only cares for her eldest son. Vowing to not end up living like her mother, Jin Ae dreams of escaping her home and family.


“Please, Mom” will not only focus on the daughter who believes happiness can be achieved with leaving her home, but also the perspective of the mother who wants her family to step inside her shoes as well as another mother who promises to be a cool mother-in-law. The weekend drama aims to cheerful and have viewers sympathizing with the various family members.

Having created previous hit dramas “You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly,” “My Daughter Seoyoung,” and “What Happens to My Family?” this new weekend drama from KBS is expected to be another hit.

The first episode will air on August 15 after “House of Bluebird” ends its run.

Are you happy to see the actress back in a drama?

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