Kim Kwang Soo Says T-ara Continues On Because Bullying Rumors Are Not True

MBK Entertainment‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo finally spoke about T-ara, one of the girl groups in his management.

T-ara has previously been under public criticism after several members made Tweets that seemed to target member Hwayoung. The situation escalated to the point where Hwayoung was removed from the group.

On July 28, Kim Kwang Soo gave an interview during a music video filming in Hong Kong. When asked, “There are many rumors regarding T-ara’s bullying controversy. What is the reason that they are still active?” he answered, “The reason why T-ara continues to be active is because [the bullying rumors] are not true.”

He then said, “Since they weren’t true, I hoped that the public would recognize that one day, and I believed that they would.”

He added, “T-ara is a very painful group to me. I hope that my actions and hurts don’t hurt them.” He then said, “I’m focused on launching the new girl group right now, but I hope T-ara doesn’t think, ‘Our CEO only cares about the new girl group.'”

MBK Entertainment is debuting a new girl group soon, called DIA.

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