Minguk and Manse Make Up Adorable Gibberish Song in “Superman Returns” Preview

In the preview for this Sunday’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook‘s triplets entertain themselves in the car after getting a stylish makeover at the beauty salon.

While Daehan chills out in the back, Minguk and Manse have fun acting out a little skit where they pretend to be planes. Minguk asks Manse if he’s been eaten by a monster. Manse replies that he’s just fallen to the ground, and so Minguk promises to come rescue him.

Manse then begins to sing to the tune of the kids song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes“, but in his own cute fusion of languages. After waiting for him to finish, Minguk sings a verse in gibberish too. Then Manse joins in again for the end!

Are you counting the hours to seeing more of the triplets and Song Il Gook on August 2’s episode of “Superman Returns”?