Kim Woo Bin Receives Casting Offer for Blockbuster Movie

After reports of Kim Woo Bin receiving a casting offer for film “With God” (working title) were revealed, the actor’s agency Sidus HQ confirmed this was true.

Previously, a source disclosed, “Kim Woo Bin, who is currently considering his next project, received a casting offer for ‘With God’ and is regarding the project positively. Ha Jung Woo is also a strong candidate for the film. If Kim Woo Bin chooses this project, it could be a best-ever pairing.”

Sidus HQ commented, “[He] received a casting offer. Nothing has been determined yet.”

“With God” is described as a blockbuster with an extremely large budget. The film is based on writer Joo Ho Min’s webcomic of the same name centered on a character named Kim Ja Hong who dies and becomes a grim reaper for a period of 49 days. The webcomic has three separate parts “Afterlife,” “Life,” and “Myth.” Director Kim Tae Yong will be focusing on the prequel material for the film with a movie series in mind.

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