DSP Media Decides to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Netizens

Entertainment agency DSP Media, housing KARA, A-JAX, Rainbow, and more, has decided to take legal action against netizens who post negative comments.

On July 30, DSP Media wrote on its official homepage, “Recently, KARA, Rainbow, and other DSP Media artists have been truly hurt by negative comments, so we’ve decided to post an official statement.”

DSP Media continued, “Our artists have been hurt by false rumors and claims and it has also affected the artists’ families and close ones around them. We will track down these netizens who spread these malicious rumors and take legal action against them. We will also do our best so that hurtful comments no longer surface and no unfortunate events happen due to them.”

The agency hasn’t taken any actions against malicious netizens before, even though their artists have suffered because of them. However, these hurtful rumors have increased and crossed the line, so DSP Media finally decided to take action.

An affiliate of the agency stated, “We decided to take action because the netizens have taken it too far. We are currently monitoring all the comments. We hope this will be our first and last warning.”

What do you think about the agency’s decision?

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