EXO’s Chanyeol and SISTAR’s Soyu Show Off Amazing Skills for “18 Seconds”

On July 30, after filming for 12 hours, “18 Seconds” stars EXO’s Chanyeol, SISTAR’s Soyu, Pyo Chang Won, Kim Jong Min, Lee Kyung Gyu, Bong Man Dae, Kim Na Young, and Josh’s various videos were uploaded. The variety show pilot program has 8 celebrities compete for viewers’ attention with 18-second video clips that they must create themselves. Prior to the first episode, the show has revealed several clips as a sneak peek.

In particular, Chanyeol received a lot of attention for his amazing pool (billiards) skills. Apparently the rapper enjoys playing pool with his friends and family regularly. The EXO member also displayed his musical talents in a different video clip.

Check out a short clip showcasing his skills below:

As for Soyu, the healthy beauty flaunted her athletic prowess while water-skiing. She surprised viewers with her professional techniques. Watch her smooth moves in the videos below:

Chanyeol Soyu 18 Seconds

The other members also proved to be great competitors with their interesting and entertaining video clips.

Meanwhile, the two episodes of “18 Seconds” will air on August 11 and 18.

What do you think of their talents?

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