Lee Seo Jin Is Disappointed When Son Ho Joon Is the Guest on “Three Meals a Day”

Lee Seo Jin expressed his disappointment at having Son Ho Joon appear as a guest on “Three Meals a Day.”

On the July 31 broadcast of tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day,” Lee Seo Jin guesses that idol girl group members will finally be coming to their countryside home as guests, and he prepares a bouquet of flowers.

lee seo jin son ho joon 2

He convinces himself that SISTAR are going to be the guests; however, when it’s a man who walks in through the gates, he is disappointed. When he realizes that it’s Son Ho Joon, he barely even looks happy to see him.

He says, “You’re so busy, why did you come here?” When Son Ho Joon replies, “I came here as a guest today, comfortably…” he retorts, “There is no way your stay here is going to be comfortable!” inciting laughter.

Lee Seo Jin’s jokes aside, are you excited to see Son Ho Joon on the show?

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