Person Behind Leaked Video of Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin Dancing Apologizes

On July 31 Park Jin Young spoke out about his feelings regarding the leaked video of Bae Yong Joon touching Park Soo Jin intimately while dancing at their wedding. He wrote on his Twitter account, “A private video of my friend Yong Joon and Soo Jin at their wedding has been illegally spread and being made fun of.”

He continued, “I’m angry that the penalty scene was illegally spread. Because of this the newlywed couple are hurt and suffering while on their honeymoon, but instead of raising the issue people are reproducing it.”

It has been revealed that Park Jin Young had sung a congratulatory song for the couple and the song got turned on again when the newlyweds did their penalty dance. It appears as though their friends urged the couple to get handsy in a well-meaning and joking manner.

He further explained, “The filmed scene is a playful joke and situation between close friends. Why wasn’t the illegal spreading of this clip considered a big deal? It makes me really angry.”

Later, the individual who filmed and spread the video responded to Park Jin Young’s tweet. The person wrote, “Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young, I’m really sorry. I was a staff member in the beverage area at the wedding. It was really difficult to figure out how to apologize. I want to give my sincere apology through this.”

The apology also said, “The movie-like wedding party looked so fun and cheerful. I took a video clip without permission. I sincerely apologize for my video spreading and causing harassment and suffering after the happy wedding. I am truly sorry.”

Park Jin Young Bae Yong Joon Wedding Tweets

What do you think about this apology and the spread of the video in the first place?

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