“Show Me the Money 4” Has Controversial Elimination and Unexpected Results

On August 1, Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4” producers commented on the outcry concerning last night’s episode and the judgments made for the elimination. They simply stated, “We try to honor the producers’ opinions as much as possible.”

The controversy involved Verbal Jint and San E’s decision to eliminate Black Nut. The July 31 episode of the show had the four different teams perform while the producers of each team determined which contestant didn’t make the cut.

Verbal Jint and San E’s team included rappers Black Nut, Hanhae, Basick, and Microdot. During their performance, Hanhae made a mistake with his lyrics. Due to this error, everyone expected Hanhae to get eliminated. However, Verbal Jint and San E made the decision to eliminate Black Nut instead. Their reason being that Black Nut had not overcome his stage fright and continued to rap with his sunglasses on and his eyes closed.

The twist didn’t end there as another surprise was in store for everyone. While the teams moved on and started to work on their diss battles, Black Nut arrived while his former team was preparing. Apparently, Verbal Jint and San E had reflected on their decision and decided to bring Black Nut back in order to make a fair evaluation.


Black Nut didn’t hold back and expressed his anger at Verbal Jint and San E through rapping. Meanwhile, Hanhae had been visibly uncomfortable throughout the episode since the decision to eliminate Black Nut had been made. He discussed how he was surprised and had expected to be eliminated. Ever since, he had felt uneasy and full of guilt. He told Black Nut that he should continue on with the competition and that he would drop out.

Black Nut

Meanwhile, Zico and Palo Alto’s team was shocked and upset about these turn of events when they found out the news as they will be competing against them in the diss battle.

You can watch a part of the scene below:

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The previous version of this article mistakenly stated it was the August 31 episode. It was the July 31 episode.

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