Tablo Reveals the Secret to His Happy Marriage With Kang Hye Jung

On July 31, Tablo discussed his marriage life with actress Kang Hye Jung on MBC FM4U’s “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.”

A listener sent a message saying, “[Kang] Hye Jung said this on a broadcast. There are a lot of enemies and people you fight with in the world, but don’t force your spirit onto the person you love. Is this your secret to living happily together?”

Tablo answers, “I think so. It’s true. We don’t show pride to each other at all. That’s why Hye Jung gets surprised sometimes. After being together for a long time and going outside, I becomes someone’s older brother and someone’s senior. When she sees me in situations where I receive respect, she needs a little bit of time to adjust. It’s because I don’t show pride at home and neither does Hye Jung.”

He continues, “On the other hand, when I go to Hye Jung’s work place like a movie set, I wonder if she is the same person I live with. And the person who makes us automatically turn off our pride is our daughter Haru. I hadn’t thought of it before, but I think it could be true.”

Meanwhile, “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” airs every weekday at 10 p.m. KST.

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