Top K-Drama Moments From the 4th Week Of July

In a perfect world, there would be three extra days in a week … Three extra weekend days that we can devote to our K-drama addiction, re-watching the best scenes from the latest episodes of our favorite shows. Which new K-drama moments had us wishing for this perfect world? Let’s take a look at the list!

1. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: Dream just got real

After a spirited drinking contest with the crown prince, Yang Sun is left alone and tends to his business. Sang Yeol shows up and escorts her home, surprised to see him. Believing she’s dreaming, she confesses her feelings for him, and he is stunned. On the way home, he gifts her shoes, and she gushes over them. She soon gives him a kiss and openly notes that both their hearts were fluttering, so, she must not be dreaming. Sung Yeol tells her differently, assuring her it’s a dream. He tells her to forget about everything that is about to happen then, and with that, he kisses her deeply.

Real life is sometimes better than our dreams, and with such a passionate kiss, we’re surprised Sang Yeol didn’t sober right up.

2. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: Favorite nurse

Won has waited all night in the rain for Ha Na to turn up at their hideout, but she doesn’t make it. So, not only is he not able to give her the necklace he bought for her, he ends up getting sick. The next day, he’s bedridden all day, and Ha Na, who’s been unable to get a hold of him, checks up on him later that night.

When she sees his condition, she takes care of him despite Won’s supposed lack of appreciation for her disastrous cooking. LOL. She even spends the night in his room, sleeping on the floor next to his bed. Maybe it’s due to Ha Na’s presence or her unappetizing congee, which he completely finishes up anyway, but Won wakes up the next day almost completely recovered.

If things can work out for these two, then their coupled life will be just like this, except maybe more intimate … Sometimes, we wish this show were on cable because maybe the story could have been re-written to have Ha Na lending her body heat to Won while he’s got the chills. Hehe.

3. “Oh My Ghost”: Jealousy is an evil thing, honey!

Sun Woo prides himself on being a fair boss. He’s the type of guy who works his employees hard because he believes in them and gives them room to fail as he knows that success doesn’t usually come after one try. So, if there’s a list of fair, honest bosses, he’d put himself on it, and this is why this scene is especially hilarious.

Seo Joon is the quiet, observant employee who clearly has a thing for Bong Sun. Soon Ae (in Bong Sun’s body) enjoys his attention but isn’t clued in to his feelings. Sun Woo quickly becomes a green-eyed monster when he sees the pleasant interactions between the two. So, when he initiates a friendly cooking competition between his employees and Soon Ae-Bong Sun cheers loudly for Seo Joon, Sun Woo doesn’t award him the grand prize despite his dish being the best.

Sun Woo sunbae, green is so not your color!

5. “I Remember You”: Pleasantly unexpected


Ji An is more thankful to be alive after her near death experience. She recounts to Lee Hyun all her thoughts up until she was saved. She expresses her ability to empathize with her dad’s feelings and shares her sadness over the idea of not seeing Lee Hyun again. He smirks at her confession and lets her know it’s all right because they were able to meet again. The moment intensifies as she kisses him.

Lee Hyun didn’t see this coming, and apparently, neither did Ji An, but we’re glad she took action because we love them together!

5. “Orange Marmalade”: Timeless romance


“Orange Marmalade” closed its final chapter with Jae Min and Ma Ri enjoying an afternoon picnic together. Jae Min asks her why she didn’t mention that the sweet human blood means something special for vampires. She tells him that she doesn’t want to rely on fate to determine her love because even without it, she’ll still surely end up with Jae Min. And of course, what’s the best way for this story to end? How about a kiss between the young lovers?

“Orange Marmalade” might not resonate with everyone, but this was still a memorable drama for its unique way of showing that a love that’s meant to be always has hope.

6. “High Society”: Her voice pierces

Ji Yi and Chang Soo have finally reached a breaking point in their relationship, and one night, Chang Soo visits Ji Yi just to have a glimpse of her. He keeps his distance from her and secretly listens to her express her desire to settle in one place someday. He lingers out of her sight and continues to take in her thoughts. Her voice is enough to bring him to tears.

Chang Soo’s love for Ji Yi changed him without him realizing how. Happiness is the best cure for a heartbreak, and these two deserve their happy ending!

7. “Mask”: Power of Love

A top moment is a memorable moment that touches you. It can make you cry, make your heart flutter, or even make you laugh. This one definitely made us laugh—for the wrong reasons.

For an inexplicable reason, Ji Sook put her life in her enemy’s hands and predictably got an attempted murder in return. We didn’t laugh because Ji Sook regained consciousness in a burning room and couldn’t do the most obvious thing of jumping out of the window behind her. Okay, we’re lying because that definitely made us laugh. But what made us laugh even harder was that upon seeing the burning house, Min Woo, who’s got a water phobia and can’t swim, suddenly gained Michael Phelps’ skills and began to swim to Ji Sook! The power of love indeed.

That’s all for now, everyone! Shout out your thoughts and favorite scenes, and let’s do it again next week!

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