Gong Seung Yeon’s Morning Kiss for Lee Jong Hyun Gets Disrupted by Dogs on “We Got Married”

On August 1’s episode of “We Got Married,” Gong Seung Yeon tries her best to wake up Lee Jong Hyun with a romantic morning kiss.

She sneaks into the bedroom, treading ever so quietly and grinning from ear to ear. But just as she’s bending over to give him a kiss, the dogs leap on to the bed and wake Lee Jong Hyun up first!

“I thought I would be sleeping and you would go, ‘Honey, wake up!’ but it’s not like that at all!” complains Lee Jong Hyun as he tries to push away the excited dogs.

They then agree to call that a blooper, and try again. But it takes a few more times before they manage to get it right!

Watch the cute video below:

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