Yeon Jung Hoon Shares His Wife Han Ga In’s Reaction to His Evil Role on “Mask”

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon has been playing a total villain on the SBS melodrama “Mask,” which aired its final episode on July 30. On August 1, he sat down for an interview at the headquarters of his agency 935 Entertainment to talk about the show’s ending and his character.

Yeon Jung Hoon says, “My wife said to me, ‘At first it seemed like he was a nice guy pretending to be bad, but then after the tenth episode he was really a wicked guy.” His wife is of course none other than actress Han Ga In!

He comments, “When I was acting, I think I really got into the character of Seok Hoon.” He adds, “I didn’t want any feelings of pity, I just wanted to show complete and total evil.”

Are you sad to see the end of “Mask”?

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