Teen Top’s Changjo and Niel Perform With Kim Won Joon on “Immortal Song”

On August 1’s episode of “Immortal Song,” Teen Top‘s Changjo and Niel perform a rendition of one of Kim Won Joon‘s classic songs with the star himself.

The trio sings a refreshing and high-energy cover version of Kim Won Joon’s hit “After Everybody Falls Asleep.” Changjo and Niel start things off and not only nail the song but also do an impressive dance break. Kim Won Joon then suddenly appears on stage, and the three of them finish the song together.

After the performance, Moon Myung Jin says, “Kim Won Joon’s aura was amazing, I got goosebumps!”

MC Shin Dong Yup points out that Teen Top wasn’t even born yet when the song was a hit back in 1992. “He was born when I was singing ‘Show!'” says Kim Won Joon, pointing to Niel, who was born in 1994.

“If you lose today, is it going to be Kim Won Joon’s fault?” Shin Dong Yup asks Niel. Niel replies right away, “No, it’ll be Changjo’s.”

Thankfully Teen Top wins the round with 369 votes. After they run off the stage, they get a huge hug from Kim Won Joon. “I feel like a parent!” he laughs. “Like my kid just got good grades! I love you, kids!”


Watch their performance below:

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