Oh Min Seok Gives Kang Ye Won a Piggyback Ride Up to Their New Home on “We Got Married”

On August 1’s episode of “We Got Married, Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won are about to head up the stairs to their newlywed apartment when he tells her that he wants to follow tradition and carry her into their new home.

He says he won’t be able to carry her in his arms up the stairs to their fifth floor apartment because of all their luggage, but he can give her a piggyback ride. “But it’s too heavy!” protests Kang Ye Won, but Oh Min Seok is sure it will be okay.


“In movies and on television, new husbands are always picking their wives up and carrying them across the threshold when they’re on their honeymoon or entering their new home,” he explains in his interview. “I wanted her to remember our home as the first one we entered together.”


Kang Ye Won gets worried about her weight, but Oh Min Seok encourages her to climb on his back. She laughs in excitement as she loops her arms around his neck. He then grabs one of the suitcases and heads up the stairs.

Check out how their epic five-floor climb goes in the video below: