San E and Verbal Jint Apologize Following “Show Me the Money 4” Elimination Controversy

Rapper San E and Verbal Jint have both apologized following the recent Show Me the Money 4” controversy regarding the initial elimination of rapper Black Nut from the competition.

Previously, on the July 31 episode of the competition, Verbal Jint and San E eliminated Black Nut on the basis of him wearing sunglasses and failing to overcome his stage fright, opting to keep rapper Hanhae on the team, despite the fact that he made a mistake while performing. Later, the producer team went back on their decision, in the end deciding to keep Black Nut on the team and eliminating Hanhae.

San E and Verbal Jint both posted on their Facebook pages on August 1, “The episode of ‘Show Me the Money 4’ aired yesterday was 100% a real situation, unaltered by the producers of the show.”

“The initial decision we made in the team mission was contradictory to consistency we had been determined to maintain when we first made the decision to join ‘Show Me the Money 4.’ Too late realizing our contradiction, and bringing the situation so far as a retraction of our decision, we are nothing but embarrassed and sincerely apologetic.”

They go on to apologize to everyone affected: “We sincerely apologize to everyone that was affected due to our incompetencies: Everyone on Zico and Paloalto’s team, Black Nut and Hanhae, the production team, the contestants, and all the viewers.”

“What happened is, despite whatever labels had been given to us prior to the controversy, an embarrassing, inexcusable moment that will last forever. Despite protests from acquaintances, we thought we would continue to regret what happened if we didn’t apologize, so we are leaving this pathetic message. Once again, we sincerely apologize.”

san e show me the money 4 apology

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Edit: The original article stated the apology was made by San E, but the apology was posted by both San E and Verbal Jint.