Lee Seo Jin Is Told He Should Just Marry Choi Ji Woo, This Is How He Responds

On the July 31 episode of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day,” Lee Seo Jin dropped a brow-raising comment about Choi Ji Woo, who had been on the show the prior week.

While waiting for the guest of the week to show up, Taecyeon tries some of the kimchi that Choi Ji Woo had brought to the house, and comments on how good it is. Lee Seo Jin then says, “Is she not coming again today?” Producer Na Young Suk says cheekily from behind the camera, “Bring her here everyday?” “Just get married then.”

But Lee Seo Jin responds, “If we get married, [I’d] probably bring her [here] even less. Because if you get married you want to be apart more.”

Hilariously, the on-screen caption says, “What is he saying..”

Later, when Son Ho Joon shows up, Lee Seo Jin does not hold back in expressing his disappointment.

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