Kim Ga Yeon and Lim Yo Hwan Couple Welcomes Healthy Baby Daughter to Their Family

Actress Kim Ga Yeon and former pro-gamer Lim Yo Hwan welcomed a healthy baby daughter to their family!

According to reports, Kim Ga Yeon gave birth to a healthy baby girl on August 1. One associate told the press, “Kim Ga Yeon and the baby are both healthy. Lim Yo Hwan and the family are extremely happy right now.”

Previously, the couple revealed Kim Ga Yeon’s pregnancy last month, as they nicknamed the baby “Marine.” Through her Facebook page, Kim Ga Yeon posted, “Now I can say since we’re past the 32 week mark. Our Marine is G.I. Jane,” referring to Demi Moore’s character in the action movie “G.I. Jane.”

Kim Ga Yeon and Lim Yo Hwan revealed their relationship in 2010 and caused a stir with the 8-year age gap between the two. They were officially wed in February of 2011. Kim Ga Yeon has a 19 year-old daughter from a former marriage.

Congrats to the couple!

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