Singer Watermelon Seeds Makes the Crowd Go Wild on “King of Mask Singer”

August 2’s episode of “King of Mask Singer” features some truly great contestants, but one masked singer in particular sparks a huge reaction from the audience.

Note: Spoilers below!

On this week’s episode, the singer Watermelon Seeds performs Seo Ji Won‘s “With My Tears” when he goes up against contestant Miss Pepper in the second round.

The celebrity panel compliments him on his performance and acknowledges how difficult the song is to perform. Several panel members also comment on how amazing his high notes were. When he loses the round to Miss Pepper by only seven points, Watermelon Seeds says, “I prepared a song for the third round, so I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to sing it.”

Host Kim Sung Joo asks him what song that was, and he replies, “‘Memory of the Wind‘ by Naul.” The audience immediately gasps and seems horrified that they’ll miss an opportunity to hear him perform the song. “Why did you save that one?!” yells Kim Gu Ra.

The crowd then starts to chant, “Sing it for us!” and Watermelon Seeds says he’ll sing it higher than the original.

During his performance, he takes off his mask to reveal that he is singer Kang Kyun Sung of the group Noel. The audience screams and makes a huge commotion, while the celebrity panel is just as shocked by the reveal!


The reason for their surprise is that Kang Kyun Sung has already appeared on “King of Mask Singer.” He had lost on the first episode of the show, and this is the first time a contestant has entered again under another alias. Kang Kyun Sung gets a standing ovation for his amazing rendition of “Memory of the Wind” as well as one of the most exciting reveals on the show yet.


Kim Sung Joo asks him why he decided to return. “I purposely tried to change my voice then, so I was happy that I managed to fool the panel,” he explains. “But I lost. The only thing I did was fool them.”

The show plays a clip of his former appearance, when he had sung with a much more husky voice and clearly was hiding his real talent. At the time, the panel had said that there was no way he was a singer.

“There’s no rule that says you can’t be on twice,” says Kang Kyun Sung with a smile.

kingofmasksinger2Kim Sung Joo agrees, “That’s right. Thinking that someone who’s already been on the show can’t be on again is another kind of a prejudice. On this show, we refuse to accept any kind of prejudice. Someone who’s already been on the show can come back on and show a different side of themselves.”


Kang Kyun Sung says that he was happy to have appeared on the show, just as he was in the first episode. “I’ll keep working hard at music as well as variety,” he promises.

What do you think of Kang Kyun Sung’s do-over? Is there anyone else who deserves a second shot on the show?

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