A Pink Namjoo Does a Cute and Sexy Idol Dance Medley for “My Little Television”

On August 1, A Pink’s Namjoo turned her “My Little Television” segment into a fun idol dance medley.

During the broadcast, she says, “The concept of this room is dance,” and asks viewers to give her requests. She starts off with a boy group dance, BTS’ “Boy in Luv.”

After “Boy in Luv,” however, she gets to her area of expertise: female idol dances. She goes for SISTAR’s latest, “Shake It,” first. Namjoo gives it her all, putting a cute and comical twist on the dance, and when she sits down, she insists she’s not already tired as she tries to catch her breath.

When she later moves on to Hyuna’s “Red,” Namjoo exclaims as she’s dancing, “I can’t do this, this doesn’t fit with A Pink’s concept! No, this isn’t forgivable!”

Watch the clip from Namjoo’s “My Little Television” below.