Wonder Girls Yeeun Explains How Their Transformation Into a Band Began

Wonder Girls have gone through a total transformation with their latest album “Reboot,” as they’ve returned from a three-year hiatus as a band instead of a dance-pop group. Each member has taken up an instrument, with Sunmi on the bass guitar, Yubin playing the drums, Hyerim on guitar, and Yeeun playing the keyboard.

At their showcase on August 3, Yeeun says, “This is the first time that we’ve performed as a band, so I’m really nervous.”

“The thing that made us form a band was that we all started learning instruments as a hobby,” Yeeun explains. “Hyerim liked the acoustic guitar, and I’d been playing the keyboard. Since the other members were doing it, Sunmi started as well. That was the beginning of us forming a band.”

“In the beginning we were just playing music for fun together,” she continues, “but then we thought it would be great if we could stand in front of the public as a band. That was when we really started practicing in earnest.”

The members are not only playing the instruments and singing on their new album. Each of their songs, except for their title track “I Feel You,” involved at least one of the members in the writing and composition process.

Wonder Girls will be staging their comeback on August 7 on KBS2‘s “Music Bank,” and then continuing on to MBC‘s “Music Core” on August 8 and SBS‘ “Inkigayo” on August 9.

What do you think: Did they make the right decision by returning as a band instead of a dance-pop group?

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