Song Triplets Help Song Il Gook Make Sweet Video For Their Mom

On August 2’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook takes Daehan, Minguk, and Manse up to Namsan Tower to help him make a special video for his wife to try to make up for the fact that his marriage proposal had been so unromantic.

While they’re sitting in the tower’s restaurant, he tells the kids that he’d planned to propose to their mom there, but he hadn’t been able to. In the interview, he explains, “I’d planned to do it one Christmas Eve, and I’d even managed to secure a reservation despite all the demand. I prepared everything, but then I thought about it more… Back when I was proposing, I was the lead in a really popular drama. The ratings were over 50%. So as the day approached, I realized it wasn’t going to work. So I abandoned my plans the day before.”

He laughs and says, “In the end I proposed to her in the car.”


Before Song Il Gook can even get the first shot in the video, Minguk says, “Dad, I went pee!”


But Song Il Gook is his usual patient self, so he goes off with him to deal with that and then they sit back down to try to film the video again. He says to Minguk, “Just repeat after me. ‘Honey, will you marry me?'”

Minguk repeats the phrase, but he’s busy scratching his neck. Off camera, Manse answers, “I will!”


Manse then is too busy playing with the flower arrangement to film his shot.


So Song Il Gook brings out his secret weapon: ring pops! He tells them to put the ring-shaped candy on their finger and then say, “Thank you for marrying dad!” As soon as Daehan’s is on his finger he politely repeats the phrase before Song Il Gook can even get it on camera, so he has to get him to do it again.


During Daehan’s turn, Manse photo bombs the frame and says, “Me too! I want to eat it too!” as he stares at the ring pop. But in the end, they all succeed. After Manse’s turn, he says, “Dad, can I eat it now?”

Song Il Gook also films himself saying to the camera, “I’m sorry that my proposal was such a mess. Thank you for marrying me! And thank you for giving birth to these beautiful boys, our Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. I love you!”

The boys then each take a turn saying “Mom, I love you!”

You can watch their adorable video below:

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