Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Are One Big Happy Dog Family in Vogue Pictorial

Lee Hyori and husband Lee Sang Soon are featured in the 19th anniversary edition of fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

Since her marriage and move to Jeju Island, Lee Hyori seems to have mastered the art of slow living, such that this new pictorial just seems like photos straight from her personal blog.

Lee Hyori7

Lee Hyori9

The idyllic pictorial induces all kinds of nostalgia as the couple traverses forests and pastures with their five dogs, Soonshim, Mocha, Hope, Goo Ana, and Suksam, and two cats Mimi and Soon.

Lee Hyori11

Lee Hyori10

Lee Hyori3

Lee Hyori6

Lee Hyori has long been known for her advocacy for abandoned animals. The five dogs were all abandoned dogs that Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon took under their wing.

Lee Hyori5

Lee Hyori12

Lee Hyori8

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori officially unplugged from social media on May 30, erasing all posts on her blog as well as her Twitter account. Since then, she has been laying low and has yet to take on any public schedules.

Lee Hyori13

Lee Hyori

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