Wonder Girls Talk About Relationships With Former Members Sunye and Sohee

At the showcase for the release of their third full-length album “REBOOT,” the Wonder Girls shared about their relationship with former members Sunye and Sohee, who only recently announced their official withdrawal from the group.

“We even talked with Sunye and Sohee today, ” Yeeun said. “Just a bit ago, they texted saying that they are more nervous [than we are] and are half excited, half scared. They said that they’ll be looking on so don’t get nervous.”

Yeeun continued, “The members [Sunye and Sohee] also have visited the studio. We are always contacting each other.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls dropped the music video for “I Feel You,” the title track of “REBOOT,” on August 3. They are launching into music show promotions on August 6, holding their inaugural comeback stage on “M!Countdown.”