[Updated] FNC Entertainment to Debut First-Ever Male Dance Group

An exclusive report by OSEN has revealed that FNC Entertainment will be launching the debut of a male dance group for the very first time!

According to music industry insiders on August 4, FNC Entertainment is currently undergoing preparations to showcase its first-ever male dance group, aiming for a debut around the end of this year or as late as the beginning of next year.

This upcoming team is reportedly confirmed to be next up following the debut of boy group N.Flying this past May.

Anticipation is already high for this group, as it is the first time that FNC is debuting a boy group focused on dance, and the debut is even more meaningful because the agency will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year.

It is said that the team name, team members, and the specific details of the group are still being adjusted.

From boy bands to a dance group, are you looking forward to the debut of FNC’s new group?

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A representative of FNC clarified on August 4, “Our company has a strong ‘band’ image. However, we’ve widened our range for dance group promotions through AOA. We are in the middle of preparations to launch groups of various forms. We’ve just started preparing [for this group]. The group name has not been decided and the lineup of members has not been confirmed. We are focusing on this group with the goal of debuting them during the first half of next year.”

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