Gary Reveals His True Feelings About His Relationship With Song Ji Hyo on “Healing Camp”

On the recent episode of “Healing Camp” that aired on August 3, “Running Man” stars Gary and Lee Kwang Soo appeared as guests.

During the show, Song Ji Hyo was mentioned while discussing Gary’s love line on “Running Man.” To this, Gary said, “[The love line] doesn’t work no matter how hard I try. It’s been five years. Five. I could’ve had real feelings for her during that time, but I’m solely focused on work.”

MC Kim Jae Dong asked, “So you don’t have feelings for her?” and one audience member chimed in, “Song Ji Hyo doesn’t have feelings for [Gary]. Gary tries to make moves, but she keeps rejecting him,” and laughed.


When other audience members started asking more questions, Gary clarified, “I’ve never called her about anything outside of work. When I am working, though, I do see different sides of her. Whenever I start having thoughts, I just tell myself to not get shaken. If we really do start dating and we happen to split, I feel like one of us has to leave the show so that’s why I’m just focused on work.”


What do you think about Gary’s decision?

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