Rock Band Broken Valentine’s Vocalist Van Passes Away in an Accident

Vocalist Van (Kim Myung Min) of rock band Broken Valentine has passed away in an unexpected accident.

On August 4, Broken Valentine announced the tragic news via their official social media sites. They said, “We have to break an unexpected and heartbreaking news to you. Broken Valentine’s vocal Van, who has been with us for 13 years, has passed away from a sudden accident.”

Sources from his agency have told the media that he drowned while on vacation with his friends.

Singer Younha, who was a friend of the singer, took to her Twitter to offer her condolences, and asked those who knew him to say their final goodbyes at his funeral, which will take place on August 5.

Van’s band Broken Valentine formed in 2002 and changed their name to Broken Valentine in 2007. They gained popularity through their appearances on KBS‘ “Top Band Season 1.” They have been very active with concerts and releasing new music in recent times.

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