Park Jung Chul and B1A4 Baro Step Down from “Teacher Baek,” Song Jae Rim and Yoon Park to Join

On August 3, the production team of tvN‘s cooking variety show “Teacher Baek” announced that B1A4‘s Baro and actor Park Jung Chul will be stepping down from the show.

Park Jung Chul, who was a regular and one of the original members of the show, will be leaving the show due to his schedule. Baro, who was a special “student” on the show for three weeks after Son Ho Joon left, will be also stepping down to focus on his upcoming album with his group B1A4.

The show further announced that the actors Song Jae Rim and Yoon Park will be joining the show as the new students of restaurant entrepreneur and food researcher Baek Jong Won. Their first episode will be filmed on August 7, and it will be airing on August 25.

“Teacher Baek” airs every Tuesday on tvN.

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