“2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships” Chuseok Special to Add Wrestling Category

MBC’s “2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships” will be filming their Chuseok special on August 10 and 11. In addition to their pre-existing categories of futsal, track and field, and archery, wrestling has been added as a new category. While the athletics championships was created with the intention of celebrating the important Korean holiday, it has been met with criticism due to injuries sustained by idol stars. The addition of wrestling is predicted to be highly criticized as well.

Wrestling is a sport that involves the usage of your whole body. Due to the nature of the sport, it could potentially be more dangerous than the other events.

The idol star athletics championships can be a great opportunity for idols, but at the same time a large source of anxiety and concern. Rookie singers can get chances to shine if they are able to become noticed as star athletes. Furthermore, their individual spotlight can help raise awareness for the group that they are a part of. Due to the great pressure and hope for positive exposure, many idols overexert themselves to the point of getting injured.

Idol Athletic Championships

However, the program is avoided by groups who have already attained a certain amount of success and fame. The show is also undesirable to participate in for individuals who don’t have as much athletic prowess. Filming for the championships is extremely long while screen time is short. The cons outweigh the pros for many singers.

Ultimately, the most dreadful aspect of the championships is the danger of getting injured. Idols have notoriously busy schedules year-round and an injury would surely hamper such prospects.

For example, AOA’s Seolhyun hurt her leg while practicing curling. It took her six weeks to fully recover, leading to complications in comeback promotions. Also, EXO’s Tao, VIXX’s Leo, SISTAR’s Bora, DMTN’s Daniel, and others have suffered injuries in the past. There have also been more injuries that have not been revealed to the public.

What are your thoughts on the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” and the addition of wrestling?

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