Taeyeon Reveals How She Spends Her Time Alone on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

On the August 4 broadcast of OnStyle variety show “Channel Girls’ Generation,” Taeyeon was featured in a segment showcasing how she spends her time alone.

“When I don’t have work, I just stay at home. My life is boring,” the singer shares.

As soon as she enters the room, the first thing she grabs is a bite to eat. Taeyeon then goes on to play with a new set of blocks. “It’s a great way to spend time,” she says. “When I’m focusing alone at home, I usually have music or the radio on. This makes it feel like I’m chatting with someone.”


Taeyeon then opens up her coloring books, which showcase her well-known artistic talent. She repeatedly emphasizes that her coloring looks simple from afar but when you look at it closely, there are a lot of complex nuances and details that are worth appreciating.


Taeyeon is definitely not shy about how proud she is of her work. “I think it is just for my own satisfaction. As I’m doing it alone, I think to myself, ‘This is good. I did a good job.'” She goes onto walk the viewers through some coloring tips.


The singer reveals the third activity that she indulges in at home to be, surprise surprise, mobile games! She almost forgets the camera as she gets sucked into her games. “I always have to play before I sleep. That’s how I fall asleep,” Taeyeon says. She also reveals that her mother is actually better and farther along in one game than she is.


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