Wonder Girls Look Stunning With Vivid Lips in Grazia Pictorial

Wonder Girls are flaunting their new and mature charms in their recent pictorial with fashion magazine Grazia.

The pictorial, which was shot in Rota Island near Saipan, provided an opportunity for the four members to release their sweet and sexy beauty.

“The Wonder Girls were actively involved with the photo shoot from the start,” a staff member said. “They put emphasis on every process of the pictorial and worked harder than anyone else.”

Rather than wearing heavy, smoky makeup, the members stuck to a lighter touch with Estee Lauder’s Envy Lipstick. Their radiant lips made their sheer makeup glow, and the members shined during the entire photo shoot despite the hot and humid weather. They were the life of the set with their lively energy.

Fans will be able to see the group’s newest pictorial in the issue of Grazia that will be released on August 5.

wondergirl pictorial wondergirl pictorial 3

Who’s your favorite in this pictorial?