Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Attempts to Win Over Super Junior’s Eunhyuk With Aegyo

On the August 4 episode of OnStyle’s “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the members had to expose various doubts and suspicions related to themselves.

In particular, the members criticize YoonAs excessive aegyo (cute actions). She confesses, “Sunny told me to stop or she would push me down the stairs,” leading to laughter from everyone.

Then she is presented the mission of calling a male who she thinks will react positively to her aegyo. Her goal is to hear the statement “Why are you so cute?” After hearing her mission, feeling embarrassed she exclaims, “This program is targeting me.”

She goes on to call someone and immediately turns on her aegyo into full gear after her call gets picked up. However, the individual responds, “I’m going to hang up. What are you doing?” YoonA doesn’t give up and continues to flaunt her aegyo. Unfortunately, he replies, “Are you drunk? What are you doing?!”

YoonA Channel Girls Generation

The individual she called is revealed to be Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. Having failed her mission, Sooyoung explains YoonA’s mission to Eunhyuk. He comments that YoonA’s aegyo was frightening.

YoonA Channel Girls Generation 2

Watch YoonA’s aegyo in the video below:

This video shows Eunhyuk’s comments after the mission:

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