Girls’ Generation Sunny Confidently Discusses Her Glamorous Body

Girls’ Generation Sunny didn’t hold back when talking about her glamorous body.

On the August 4 broadcast of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the girls directly answered questions about themselves.

When the members ask Sunny, “When did you open your eyes to the R-rated world?” Sunny answers, “To be precise, I opened my eyes to the R-rated world when I was 21 years old.” She then comments that since she was introduced to this world late, she was more curious about it.

Sunny Channel Girls Generation

When asked about her most confident attribute, she says, “My sexy ankles. My ankles are balanced.” When the members refute that Seohyun has the best ankles in the band, she changes her mind and shouts, “Chest! Chest! Chest!”

Yuri comments, “I think they’ve gotten smaller lately,” and Sunny agrees regretfully, saying, “I dieted too much.”

Sunny Channel Girls Genertion 2

Which of Sunny’s attributes are your favorite?

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