Lee Hwi Jae’s Agency Responds to Controversy Over His Wife Moon Jung Won’s College Background

Lee Hwi Jae‘s agency responded to controversy over his wife Moon Jung Won‘s college background.

Although not a celebrity herself, Moon Jung Won has continually been exposed to broadcast as her husband Lee Hwi Jae and her two twin sons Seo Eon and Seo Jun appear on “Superman Returns.” As such, public interest on her grew, and some online communities went so far as to doubt her college background. With accounts that she was seen on both the Dongguk University and Chungwoon University lists, there was controversy as to whether she really graduated from Dongguk university as she claims or if she really attended Chungwoon University.

About this, Lee Hwi Jae’s management company said to Newsen on August 4, “We checked the diploma from Moon Jung Won herself. Moon Jung Won earned her degree in Culture and Ethics and graduated from the Seoul campus of Dongguk University.”

They then added, “Moon Jung Won is not a celebrity. The reason why we did not actively defend her even after we saw concrete proof is because we thought it wasn’t worth responding to.” They then clarified once more, “Moon Jung Won has nothing to do with Chungwoon University. We also have no idea why there was a controversy claiming that she’s a Chungwoon University graduate.”

Meanwhile, the controversy heated up after the August 2 episode of “Superman Returns,” when it was revealed that chef Jung Chang Wook, who was a guest on the program, was in the same graduating class as Moon Jung Won at Dongguk University.

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