9 Things You Might Not Know About Jo Jung Suk

tvN’s “Oh My Ghost” has been gaining great popularity recently. There are a few possible reasons: the unique and interesting plot, the witty and funny script, but perhaps most importantly, the cute chemistry between the two leads. Everyone has at least heard of Park Bo Young – she’s already famous through several works, especially “A Werewolf Boy” with Song Joong Ki. However, less people have probably heard of Jo Jung Suk. I know he definitely wasn’t on my radar until I fell in love with him through “Oh My Ghost.” Lately, learning more about him has been a treat in my life. Read on to find out a few things about him you might not have known before!

1. He is (unfortunately) taken.


Watching this drama with my mom, who is my source of much of K-entertainment news, I pointed out that the lead male – I didn’t even know his name at the time – was attractive. Her immediate reply to me: “That’s Gummy‘s boyfriend.” That’s right folks; Jo Jung Suk is taken. And by none other than the talented solo female singer Gummy, who has the ability to wrench your soul and bring you to tears with her voice and songs.

2. He’s having a very difficult time with Park Bo Young.


But watching him with Park Bo Young, you would never imagine he had a girlfriend! Jo Jung Suk has mentioned himself how hard it is to act with Park Bo Young because she’s so cute in real life. You can definitely see how hard of a time he’s having in the video below, which shows a few scenes in the drama where he bursts into smiles because of Park Bo Young’s cuteness. Especially that last hug – I can’t even begin to describe the feels.

3. His previous loves: IU and Shin Min Ah.

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Talk about an impressive line-up of previous love interests on screen! Among others, Lee Yoon Ji (“The King 2 Hearts“), IU(“You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin!“), Shin Min Ah (“My Love, My Bride“), and then Park Bo Young. And it seems like he’s quite close to all of them in real life. Plus, Gummy as his real life girlfriend for two plus years. Obviously, he’s a keeper.

4. His popularity began as a musical actor.


Not only can he act, play guitar, and dance – his sexy wave is a masterpiece and his funny dance is hilarious – but he can also sing. Really, really well. He first gained popularity as a musical actor, starring in “Hedwig,” “Grease,” “Blood Brothers,” and others. Fun fact: he’s bared his behind in “Grease” over 300 times.

5. But his screen popularity started on “Architecture 101.”


He gained screen popularity through his character in the movie “Architecture 101.” He was praised for portraying his character so well that even other celebrities thought that was what he was like in real life. He’s also well known for his adlibs, both currently in “Oh My Ghost” but more so for the one in the movie in which he was explaining how to kiss.

6. He’s going to explode soon.


Not literally. Yoon Jong Shin predicted on social media that Jo Jung Suk would explode with popularity after his first appearance on “Radio Star,” but by his second appearance, it still hadn’t happened. Well, I guess we can argue that it’s happening now.

7. He can’t cook… well.


Despite the fact that he’s a chef in his current drama and experiments with cooking at home in real life, he’s not the best cook. Watch the Late Night Cafeteria corner in “Happy Together” for evidence.

8. He is popular with the ladies.


His co-stars have revealed his ability to win over any girl once he sets his mind to it; even the women have recognized it. However, he has extremely high standards and won’t go for just any girl. (Gummy is a lucky, lucky girl.) Despite his beautiful co-stars, he has been very clear on the professional lines he has drawn in their relationships. When he was in a scandal with Lee Yoon Ji after “The King 2 Hearts,” he told the entire world that they were not dating on a live awards ceremony, startling even Lee Yoon Ji who was standing next to him.

Also, he’s done the “pepero game” with a ramen noodle with Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man,” but that didn’t meant anything to them because they’re both professional actors. The list of female celebrities he has won over is probably very long, but he is a committed man to one woman (which makes him that much more attractive). A central method to his popularity may have been revealed by Gummy, who shared that Jo Jung Suk has the ability to make her feel endlessly, infinitely loved and pampered. Who wouldn’t want that?

9. He loves to talk.


His musical co-stars have gone so far as to call it an illness – the immense desire to talk and lead as if he were a show MC. He clearly displays it as he talks non-stop to the camera on “Running Man.” Maybe we’ll see him as an MC in the future.

There’s so much more to know about him (like the fact that he is Park Myung Soo’s high school junior) and honestly, I feel like I barely scratched the surface. Jo Jung Suk is like the great cliched onion that only reveals more interesting facts, skills, and personality traits the more you peel him open. It makes him that much more attractive and appealing. Don’t stop at nine things. Join me in getting to know and falling even more in love with this wonderful actor.

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