f(x)’s Amber Surprises SHINee During Live Broadcast of Fan Signing Event

On August 5, f(x)‘s Amber surprised her label mates and friends SHINee by showing up at their fan signing event and capturing it on video!

While SHINee was airing coverage of their fan signing event for their new repackaged album “Married to the Music” on Naver’s V app, f(x)’s Amber was also filming her own separate live broadcast as she headed to go surprise the guys. As she talks about how nervous she is in the video, she chats with some of the viewers who are commenting live on her broadcast and promises that she’ll act as their representative.

Fans therefore get two perspectives of Amber’s surprise visit, as you can watch Amber’s journey up to the table or see her suddenly appear in SHINee’s live video.

Amber waits in line with the other fans while wearing a black face mask, and when it’s her turn to go up to the table, all the guys are totally surprised, although at first Key hilariously pretends like he’s not happy to see her. “Amber, should I sign something for you?” asks Taemin with a huge smile, and then signs her sweaty palm.

Amber also takes requests for the guys from the online commenters, which leads to fun bits like Taemin doing a cute dance, Jonghyun doing his best impression of a popular aegyo trend, Onew saying “I love chicken” in funny voices, and Minho getting up on his chair to do a sexy dance.

When they’re saying goodbye, Jonghyun says, “f(x) was the band that debuted next after us at our company. So I remember how we watched their debut performance even though we were going somewhere on the highway at the time. I’m really touched that you’ve come here to help us out like this.”


There’s plenty of moments of the guys speaking English with Amber in both videos, so be sure to watch below!

SHINee’s point of view:

Amber’s point of view:

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