Uee Opens Up About Wanting After School to Make a Comeback

Uee recently did an interview with Xports News and confessed her desires to go back on stage as a singer again.

Uee has starred in various dramas including “High Society,” “Hogu’s Love,” “Buddy Buddy,” “Ojakgyo Brothers,” and more. She has proven herself to be one of the rising idol-turned-actors.

Despite her great acting career, Uee said, “It’s still embarrassing to call myself an actress.” Later she confessed, “I’m really happy when I’m dancing on stage. I want to go on stage as After School again someday.”

While on the subject of idol groups, Uee naturally mentioned Wonder Girls‘ comeback since she was close with Yubin during her pre-debut days. Uee expressed how happy and touching it was to see Wonder Girls make a comeback, saying, “Seeing the Wonder Girls’ comeback made me reminisce back to my old performances and the hard work and time that I put into preparing them. While I thought of those things, I choked up and almost cried. Isn’t it awesome that Wonder Girls are back in the entertainment industry? I’m always supporting them.”

After School has been on hiatus for about two years now. Sub-units like Orange Caramel or individual solo activities like Raina’s and Lizzy’s have taken place during the hiatus, but Uee hasn’t had a chance to perform on stage during this period.

Uee explained, “First of all, I want to emphasize that After School is never disbanding. Time passed and it has been about two years now. To be honest, I was impatient for a comeback when the hiatus reached the one year mark. But after that time passed, I learned to be patient. I thought, ‘Let’s work hard and make a perfect comeback when we have a good song.’ The other After School members are on the same page. We are a performing group. We want to look perfect so we’re trying not to rush ourselves.”

Who else misses Uee promoting under After School?

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