Sub-Unit ZE:A J to Debut and Promote in China

ZE:A members KevinTaehun, Heechul, Minwoo, and Dongjun will be forming new sub-unit ZE:A J. The five members will be making their debut in China with a new single album and actively promote in China.

Their first Chinese single album will be released through various Chinese music sites including QQ Music, Baidu Music, Sina Music, and more on August 7. Furthermore, their full music video will be available through different Chinese portal sites like PPTV, Tudou, and others.

The sub-unit’s title track “Marry Me” is a song that is a sweet proposal and confession of love. Dongjun himself participated in writing and composing the song.

Also, ZE:A J will be the new spokesmodel for Chinese cosmetics brand Dr. Hancy.

Star Empire Entertainment stated, “There is special significance in the release of this first Chinese single after debuting as ZE:A. We are concentrating on presenting a friendly and warm image to Chinese fans through these promotions. We will be greeting [fans] through a variety of lively activities.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A J plans on presenting their new song and holding a fan meeting in Hainan on August 20.

Are you excited to see ZE:A branch out into the Chinese music industry?

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